Welcome to Glambud
GlamBud™ seeks to organize a community of aesthetics patients to provide important, unbiased information about aesthetic procedures. With ongoing rich content developed by medical and industry experts, GlamBud presents exclusive content to its members utilizing every available digital medium. GlamBud will also host live events with aesthetics experts and influencers.

During 2018, 15.1 million aesthetics procedures were performed in the US, accounting for approximately $16 billion in revenue. Of these 15.1 million procedures, all but 1.5 million were non-surgical, representing $10 billion of consumer expenditure. 

The need for a patient centric, brand agnostic organization is dramatic. Most aesthetic market participants gain information from advertising, beauty publications social media, and from friends. Most of these sources are driven by advertising opportunities and commercial self-interest. Non-commercial sources typically provide incorrect or misleading information.

In addition to content with the latest, knowledgeable information to guide aesthetics choices, GlamBud members will be presented with economically important promotions on major treatments such as neuromodulators dermal fillers, laser and energy procedures, facial procedures and skincare products.
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